Work It!

I need a glass of water…

A quick peek at my fitness game plan for this week!IMG_3405.JPG

Sunday-Painting an apartment, for sure counts for something!

Monday-30 Minutes cardio +Arms/Abs

Tuesday- HIIT (20 minutes) + Legs

Wednesday-30 Minutes Cardio + Back/ChestIMG_3405.JPG


Friday- HIIT (20 minutes) + Total Body

Saturday-60 minute Hike


What’s your workout plan like this week?



My Skincare Essentials

In an effort to try to keep up with the makeup jones’s I found myself wandering around Ulta and Sephora a lot.  I tried to follow my friend’s lead and buy anything and everything, but I find that the skin care and makeup routine that works best for me is simple and quick. Here are my favorites

Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer– definitely not a lightweight moisturizer, but it absorbs into skin beautifully and really keeps my skin protected from the sun. A little goes a long way with this product.

Josie Maran Argan Oil Duo– This combo of 100% argan oil and her Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment make my skin feel soft and hydrated year round.  I have classic dry sensitive skin, and this stuff really helps it feel supple.IMG_3493-1.JPG

Bag Balm– This is the classic Maine way to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.  I don’t use it on my face, but elbows, hands, and feet get a layer before bed most nights during winter to keep them looking like they belong to a lady!  It also seems to really safeguard minor nail issues like hang nails.  I’ve used it to help a stuck zipper before too.  Buy it and use it everywhere.IMG_3496.JPG

Pacifica Stellar Gaze Length & Strength Mascara– This mascara is my go to daily, it keeps my lashes soft and highlights their length.  It is not waterproof, so on big events or nights on the town I make sure to layer with a waterproof top coat.  I love Pacifica because of their devotion to cruelty free makeup.IMG_3497.JPG

Chella Highlighter Pencil– I received this pencil through the IPSY service I was using a few months ago, and boy is it a gem! It really helps to hide those dark circles but most importantly fake sleep and brighten everything up.


That’s it folks!  This is literally all I use on my skin from day-to-day.

What are your favorite skin care finds?



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Today I Ate Ice Cream for Dinner

Hello, yes you read the title correctly.  I ate ice cream for dinner last night.  I am not one bit upset about this.  Sometimes you have to feed your heart and soul, ice cream is my personal favorite solution.  Sometimes being a nurse is hard, being a human being is always hard.  Here’s how ice cream became dinner:IMG_3411.JPG

8:28am: Patient leaves before they get their next appointment and their phone number is disconnected

8:45am: The electrocardiogram machine is completely out of whack

8:48am: The super old electrocardiogram machine we save just in case for this very purpose cannot charge and is therefore broken

9:30am:  Doctor requests that I am in two places at once

10:01am:  I have 5 patients waiting for a call back from me, it is not lunch yet

11:30am:  It is now lunch, and as I go to use the bathroom for the first time since I left my house the toilet seat is up. WHY FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THE THINGS MUST IT BE UP! I get super grossed out and go in search of another bathroom.

12:01pm: I’m eating a very depressing salad of broccoli slaw and chicken salad.  This does not solve my problems so I buy a cookie and bag of chips.  Those don’t solve my problems either but I don’t care.

12:38pm:  I call back unhappy patients who yell at me because their insurance sucks.  As a note, I am a nurse who has NOTHING to do with insurance.

IMG_3491.JPG1:00pm:  I bring back my patient, who takes 6 years to walk to the room and was not on time for their appointment

1:45pm: I am expected to do another nurse’s job because she is busy, I also have two patients waiting for the doctor in the room and 3 more patients waiting for calls back but SURE I CAN DO THEIR WORK TOO!

2:30pm: I really hate insurance, and since I can’t change what patients have for insurance I’m the bad guy who doesn’t want them to have lifesaving meds?  Neat

3:30pm: Done with in person patients for the day.  Paperwork central on my desk.

4:15pm: I’m finally able to review charts for the next day and see my first patient had a MI (myocardial infarction, heart attack) but left the hospital AMA (against medical advice).  That sounds like a fun start

4:30pm: I’m walking home and getting ice cream.

In all honesty, today was just a long day with a lot of little annoyances, I can usually power through these but today I didn’t.  Today I ate ice cream for dinner.  This isn’t meant to sound like I hate my job, I don’t, and there are a lot of great days and moments.  Today I was only laughing because I wasn’t going to cry, and that’s okay too.  I guess the purpose of this post is to realize that sometimes you just need to eat the ice cream, call it a day and move on.  Tomorrow will be better, but everyone has bad days.

Cheers to tomorrow.



Light A Match

What does your home smell like? I can’t even begin to count how many candles I have, and I love them all! A soft candle flickering in the night is the ultimate ambiance right?!  Here are some of my favorites.

img_3467Thankful!  This candle is a sweet pumpkin spice scented reminder every day since it sits on our kitchen table. It’s made by DW home, I found it at TJ Maxx.

The Boulangerie Angel Food candle from Anthropologie smells like sweet cake baking! Although I love this candle it seems to make me hungry… 🤔

This Good Natured Soy candle is also from Anthropologie,  I wouldn’t say it really smells like apricot or basil. It’s more of a light sweet floral scent, it burns beautifully.

This candle is by Serenity and although I’m not sure the scent exactly it smells warm and cozy to me!

What’s your favorite scent?



Pick 6

No not football! Pick your own 6 pack! Here are my favorites.

Left to right: Not Your Father’s Root Beer (my personal favorite hard root beer!), Shock Top Raspberry Wheat, Smith and Forge Hard Cider.

Leinenkugel’s Harvest Patch Shandy (tastes like a pumpkin spice cold brew!), Shipyard Pumpkinhead, Wilhem Scream Pumpkin Ale.

I went with the Harvest Patch Shandy for my Patriot’s game drink of choice Sunday!

What’s in your variety pack?


A Day in the life

Scenes from the weekend

A peek into my weekend photo highlight style!

This ham sandwich from a local deli gets me every time. So warm and delicious

Home made cornbread to bring to tailgating!

Go Blue! They won but the food and company was the real highlight.

Leaf Peeping! The leaves are just perfect right now and I’m feeling so sad that fall always goes too fast.

That is the face of judgement for leaving overnight.  Sorry Pumpkin!

What did you do this weekend? Any tailgating?


Le Tote

Le Tote #3

Octavia Tribal Drape Cardigan- Super cozy and warm, but definitley a departure from my usual fare.IMG_0806.JPG

Calvin Klein Midrise Skinny Jeans: See above picture 🙂  I liked the jeans fit and style but the material was not comfy in the least, I took them off directly after brunch.

525 America Striped Lobster Crew Sweater-no pic, but a comfy an stylish sweater!

Octavia & CO. Floral Striped Scarf- I didn’t wear this scarf, it really didn’t go with either other top I got in my tote, and since thats all I wear on the weekends it went untouched.  It was super cute though!

Camilla Brushed Elephant Studs- simple grey elephant studs, not super special but a departure from my normal.

Have you tried Le Tote?  Want a free tote? Comment below!